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When One Door Closes, Another One Opens/ Back to School/Happy Planner for this Year/QueeRomance Ink

If you've read the earlier posts, you know I'm moving my posts from my Blogger account to this one. I'd like everything in the same place. The one I'm sharing today is one I couldn't leave behind. Why? Because I feel someone out there could definitely use it.

Here goes!

Had a story. Okay, really I had three and the three of them were turned down by the publisher I typically submit my work to. I was crushed, and defeated when the first one was rejected. I started doubting myself, my worth, and who I was as a writer when the second one was, too. But, I didn't stop there. I rewrote, changed, edited like a crazy woman, and even killed off characters who should have lived.

I'm sorry.

But, again, when the first book was submitted, it was rejected. Then, the light showed when I talked to a writer friend of mine, another friend who kicked my butt from across state lines, and my husband. They all said the same thing. Submit elsewhere. Wow, nothing monumental there, right? Well, I didn't want to at first because I believed that if that one publisher who accepted my work in the past didn't want what I poured my heart and soul into, maybe it just wasn't worth it.

That is crazy talk right there, people.

Submit somewhere else. As a writer, you have to find the place for your writing style. The way you write may not be for that publishing house, but it just might fit somewhere else. Don't give up. Do your research, get to know other people in the field, and ask around. Find the publishers of authors who write similar to you and submit there. Check yourself, too. Be willing to read the reasons for the rejection. They may help to improve your writing so you'll be ready for submitting somewhere else.

Don't believe me?

Well, here are a few articles on the topic of why your book may have been rejected, what to do, or why you should consider an alternative:

This is an excellent article with quality ideas you should read. It's not all black and white. It's gritty and could hurt your feelings, but we need to know these things. Read it.

Just like with any goal that is worthy of your time, you can't just give up the first time or even the tenth time you hear no. You're a writer. Your words are valuable. Someone needs your story. This article explains what strategies you should use and the factors to consider when you're struggling to get that story out to the public.

I took a chance and sent a book to a different company. Well, they accepted, and now my work is in a place where it fits, in a publishing house that is not only kind but is also reputable and professional.

When one door closes, another door opens, but traveling those halls can be brutal. And, it's while traversing from one end to the other that I learned some things:

  1. Be willing to submit elsewhere. - There are more publishers out there. Take a chance. Truly, it's more about you establishing yourself and gaining your audience. Develop your brand, then find a house.

  2. Hone your craft. - If you're given suggestions, heed them. Make the changes that fit with your style, and with how you write. Writing is a calling, a passion. Do you want it to be fabulous? You have to do the work to get it there.

  3. Get to know people in your field, and build relationships. - Knowing people is important no matter what you do. It's especially important in the writing world. Building those relationships will help. You'll find out what publisher has changed, who's writing where, where the best places might be for your style, and things you can't just know from reading the publisher's website. You'll find betas, supporters, a shoulder to cry on, and others who will give you a swift kick in the ass. And, yeah, you're going to need that, too. Get to know people.

  4. Research - Know your style, your genre. Know other writers like you. Know the publishers you hope will accept your work. Don't go in blind. Read the submission guidelines and be certain their publishing house is the right one for you.

  5. Don't wallow. - You got rejected? Get up, knock the dust off your knees, and get back to work.

I'm working.

And? I'm waiting to see if the other two books make it, too.

Love you all,



Then and Now

Today, I have 15 works with Extasy Books. Click here to check them out on the website.

I found a home with Extasy Books for my guys. There's a home out there for yours. You just have to find it. Of course, there is always self-publishing. I'm not an expert on that, so you'll need to look into that path for yourselves. Each article I've seen so far has someone offering their services, so research carefully.


In Other News

School's almost in, and although there are so many things on my mind, I'm choosing to walk into this school year with a positive outlook. You know me and my anxiety as a school counselor and parent. My youngest is starting middle school. The oldest is starting high school. I could be terrified, or I could choose to look at this as a moment to grow with them. I have a wonderful friend who has really helped me with my parenting outlook. Picking my battles and looking for ways to bond. That's where I am with these two. I want them to want to see me when they get older. I want them to talk to me and trust that I'll be there for them. So, be kind and remain firm. Be consistent. Expect the best and understand when they need a hand up. Goodness, and remember we were kids once. We're still learning.

Need a little advice about parenting? Check out Ericka's Lighthouse.

It's an awesome tool. Talk to parents who are successful. Talk to them, but remember we're all different, and our kiddos have different needs. We do, too.

And I just bought my Happy Planner for this year! Check it out! It's this black, white, and cream sort of thing which I will fill with color. I love color, so this is different for me. I can't wait to see what I do with it. I'll put the stickers in before I use it so it's already set up. There won't be time during the school year for that. As a school counselor, I can barely catch air.

For my love of the Happy Planner, click here for the post on that. I'm so excited!



Have to remember to share this!

You see that third book there? That's right, baby! That's Flirty and Red! My book! No more tears here.

They sent two, so I'm using them both!

Get out there, honey! Write, dream, and make it happen! If it's worth it to you, it's worth the work it takes to get there.

Love you all,


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