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The Summer Heat has taken its toll on our shifters making them too hot to handle.

The shifters make plans for a summer to remember but all best-laid plans of mice and shifters often go awry. And that is certainly the case in the final six stories from some of eXtasy Books’ top authors. Follow the lives of those who have previously featured in Spring Fever, Winter Magic and Autumn Feast. Join them for a final fling where the summer heat will cause havoc for our heroes.

My Story

Beyond the Veil

Tengu Goblin High Lords don’t have mates. Or do they?

Haru Akiyama is the Tengu Goblin High Lord, protector of the forest and the Shugenja people—keepers of the earth magic. His purpose has always been to guard, never to love, and never to mate.

No one told that to a wolf named Kindling Bowden, who sees Haru and knows in an instant that he’s found the keeper of his heart.

Can a determined wolf show his goblin he’s worthy of love, or will he go home empty-handed?

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