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Family, friends and more spice than our shifters know what to do with in their Autumn Feast.

The shifters move into the autumn season with anticipation of upcoming celebrations and thankful for their family and friends around them. But of course, there is always something, or someone, to add a little spice to their lives.

The Autumn Feast anthology features six more shifter stories from some of eXtasy Books’ top authors and follows the lives of those who have previously featured in Spring Fever and Winter Magic. Join them in tales where the fiery color of the leaves may not be the only heat of the season.

My Story? 

Say Yes

A wolf with trust issues who’s afraid of saying yes to wedded bliss and a goblin who wants to put a ring on it. What’s a goblin to do?

It’s time for the Autumn Feast, a time for celebration, a time for a goblin to finally convince his wolf to marry him. Well, that’s what Calyx Akiyama is hoping for, and all the sanctuary with him.

What will it take for Trey Bowden to say yes? How about a war?

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