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A Name is a Name is a Name, Baby, and You Get It! Let's go! - Memory Lane 3.24.20

And Now the Name . . .

So on the last post, I wasn't sure what my mystery guy's name is. If you didn't read that one, I've started Broken Dreams. It's after Broken Promises. Not familiar with that book? Hang on a second.

Looking. Looking. Looking.

Now, if you haven't read this, and that's okay because it just came out, here's the blurb:

A widowed alpha is finally ready to love again, but his rejected mate left to protect his heart.

Beta Kristoff Dumanovsky has loved his alpha, Jeremiah Tolliver, for years. However, Jeremiah wasn’t ready to move on from the love he still had for his dead wife. When tragedy struck, Kristoff blamed his focus and left not only the Iroquois Pack but Jeremiah as well.

When Stefan Mukhankin, an enemy from Kristoff’s past threatens his safety, Jeremiah uses this as a reason to try and bring Kristoff home. It won’t be an easy battle.

Kristoff’s survived before and feels he’ll survive again. He was trained to elude the enemy even if it’s the man he loves, so Jeremiah is in for the fight of their lives.

Can an alpha help his mate believe their bond is true, or will his mate find yet another place to run?

Now, why am I talking about this? Well, it's in the book near the end that Samuel is mentioned along with Darren. And those two are in the new book I'm working on. Broken Dreams.

Now, Broken Promises wasn't the first book where you meet Samuel and Darren. You would actually have met Darren in Broken Bones. It's number one of these with Dreamspinner Press. New cover (with a couple), added storyline, more content, and it was reborn as the prequel with Extasy Books. Why Extasy Books? Because they welcomed me home, and I'm here to stay.

Here's the blurb just in case. Never know if you might be new to me.

Dan Tolliver, the adopted son of Alpha pack leader Jeremiah Tolliver, has suffered his last moment of abuse by his lover Keith Mulligan and finds himself in the hospital. There he meets dark and sharp-tongued Dr. Aiden Kavanaugh, who believes Dan needs some of his straightforward kind of medicine. Still, there is something different about the doctor.

Aiden is a sandman, a weaver of dreams, and has been on Earth far longer than even he knows. He's at the end of his time, ready to transition, and needs a human mate to keep him connected to the world he's grown to love. Only he hasn't found a special person who makes him want to stay. He doesn't despair, because not every Sandman has the chance to choose, but he knows if he doesn't find a partner, he will soon lose his physical form and exist only in dreams.

When Aiden realizes Keith is a far greater monster than Dan has any idea, they grow and work together using the support of the pack―and Dan's inner strength―to overcome impossible odds.

Back again...

Now, it's Broken Bones where you first meet Darren, poor Darren, who has trust issues where Sandmen are concerned, and rightfully so. Later, Darren is no longer poor Darren but a powerful, hot Darren who still has trust issues. Still, rightfully so. But he's about to have his life take a spin that could only make Samuel a very happy guy. And that's where the mystery man comes into play. Let me tell you. Coming up with a character's name is not easy for me. It probably should be, but I am looking up name meanings, making sure they fit the character, and checking to see if it sounds okay if you scream it in passion.

Oh, , yeah, baby! More!

I'm trying to make certain it's original enough but not a distraction for the reader. I don't want the reader struggling to pronounce a name and then giving up when they can't. Sure they could just change whatever the name is to Paul, but why should they have to?

This time, after requesting some help on Facebook, I was given tons of names by my people that I will undoubtedly use in the future. The one that finally grabbed me? Walker!

Looked up Dream and found about three I liked: Lorien, Dailon, and Reve.

Fell in love with Dailon. Talked to my editor.

And now we have it.

Dailon Walker. (Dreamwalker)

And this right here will be my first triad, people. First ever! And you know what else? There will be a little bit of a Daddy feel going on. No diapers. Just two guys who will have to find a way to each other to take care of the man they love. Samuel's not going to make it easy for them. He can't. He wouldn't be Samuel if he did.

A Little Research

Since finding names is a problem for me, I decided to take a look and see if anyone else has this issue. What do they do?

Found one right here!


This article by Jennifer Moss has plenty of awesome advice that I sure needed to read and will definitely use when I decide on names the next time. A couple I knew, but the others? Worth the read.

Then there's this one!

How to Choose Character Names

A little more technical but a great read as well. Most importantly, I don't feel like I'm alone in my quest to find the perfect name.

So tell me, how do you find your names?

What's Happening Now

Well, besides prepping for Broken Dreams, I'm considering writing for an Open Call by Extasy. Why do I do these things to myself? I already have enough to do, but it seems so interesting.

Moving House and Hearts.

I mean, I recently moved before the plague of Covid 19. Here we are. New house, new neighbors, and new plague. Yes, people. It's new. 19 is anyway.

I am truly close to saying yes.

What else? Trying to determine how to let my kids have a life but keep them safe. So fucking hard. We have neighbors who have kids. I have to constantly tell my kids to wash their hands when they come in. I'm trying to let them play, but then I'm scared to death.

We are living in a time I never saw coming. Sure George Carlin did. Look it up. He totally saw this, but me? Nada.

I'm just trying to make sure my kids wash their hands, I clean the doorknobs, and make sure they stay six feet apart from their friends. I also space the time out that they play. It's tough. My husband and I readdress this every day and night. As to if we're doing the right thing?

I just don't know.

Be careful out there, people.

Oh, and if you want an article about keeping your family safe during Covid 19, here goes.

It's Time To Get Serious About Social Distancing. Here's How




Then and Now

So, Covid isn't over. The restrictions have changed. Hospitals have space. People have used boosters. Still, there are many deeply affected by it. However, one of my favorite authors has just started writing again. She's been out of the writing world for so long, but she's back, and I have to celebrate her. Kari Greg's Starting Over hits the fears that overwhelmed many of us during the Great Pause. She had some health issues which hampered her physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Kari writes about this in the preface of her book, and her characters' struggles reflect the trauma she experienced during that time and in some ways now. There are some very intense moments sexually, so you be sure you're into the dark and twisty if you try this one.


Broken Dreams is finished and published. Here's the cover and blurb.

**Warning. My books are a little dark and twisty, but love wins in the end.

A human, a wolf-sprite, and a Sandman. How could life for these three go wrong?

Darren Carpenter is running from his love of Samuel and his future as the Coimeádaí of a Sandman. Samuel Tolliver just wants what he wants and is willing to raise a little mischief to get it. Dailon knows he is more than human but has no clue what he is or what he needs. But the Fates have a plan for them, even if family, friends, and fairy royalty must get involved. When everything goes wrong, can they make it right again?


Currently, I have a book nearly ready for release. This one is a part of the merman series Men of Neptune. I'm so excited about Trillian's story, and when it's closer to release, I will have so much more to say and even a cover to share. For now, these are the guys I used as inspiration.



Trillian's grandson to Neptune, and Lindh is a former guardian. For more on the guardians, you could (plug here) check out the other stories.

Click the image below for more.

It's pretty great that there are two spots ready for two new books because I'm already working on the next story. Would you like to see the inspiring photos for that one? Here goes!



Tony's had a recent breakup and now has a family to care for on his own. Adamaris is in school to become a lawyer. There's more, but I need to wait until his father's story is released to share it all.

I can't wait.


On the home front, the school year is almost over. The oldest has a girlfriend and is looking at driving. Ready or not, here adulthood comes. The youngest had a special friend calling her. She's 11. He moved. Bye, special friend.

I am so not ready.



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