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Memory Lane - April 8, 2019 - Promotion/Author Takeovers/Updates

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

What am I Doing, You Ask?

I'm working on the best way to approach Author Takeovers. What do you ask? How do you engage? What kinds of games do you play? I've been looking on Pinterest and researching websites. I also purchased a book on Amazon that teaches you how to promote yourself. Sadly, there was nothing on Author Takeovers specifically, but the book itself is filled with helpful advice.

It's worth a read.

Well, I will do an Author Takeover spot on Book Carousel, a Facebook group by Extasy Books. Whew! Those things make me . . .


Why? I guess because, like most writers, I'm introverted. It doesn't stop me from talking to others and hanging out with friends, but I need to do those things in my own time.

So, there are times I find myself in the dark.

But that's okay because that's where good things occur. That's where you get those ideas after you've crawled under warm covers to sleep, then...


Ideas happen.

Well, your readers want to know what those ideas are, the driving force that leads to writing stories where you write for hours and hours to gift them with a world from your mind.

The reader wants to know how your brain works.

Why not tell them? Why not answer a few questions? Why not step into the light?

Well, that's the plan.

Next week, I'm doing Meet the Author Monday, April 29th in the Book Carousel Facebook Group from 8-9. Every now and then, I get questions in my messenger wanting to know how, when, and where. That would be an awesome time to hit me with what you want to know, what you're interested in me writing more of, and for us to chat.

Link for the group?

I'm doing a little research on how to make it fun and interesting.

Here are two links I found!

A Guide to Facebook Author Takeovers

Stephanie Ayers has great ideas worth checking out. I plan on following her word for word.

The Pinterest link has a plethora of questions I plan to use as prompts and games.

What's Happening in My World Other Than This?

Well, the little girl is getting help with her learning. I'm truly grateful because it's been difficult finding the best way to help her. The most important thing? Putting my own needs aside to focus on hers, especially the ones that tell me to internalize what's happening here. Isn't that what we do, though, as parents? Internalize? That's poison. Finding a solution is more important. It's vital.

Loving and taking care of my family.

That's my world right now.

Oh, yes.



I'm writing Broken Promises right now, Kristoff's book. A little off, a little on.


I participated in a contest with Queeromanceink! Keep your fingers crossed.

People, let me tell you right now. A 300-word limit is torturous!


I'm actually getting messages that ask me to write more.

And that's what I'm trying to do!

So, put me in your Happy Planner, your calendar, your notebook, or whatever it is you use, and check me out.

With love,



Then and Now


I've mostly got the Author Takeover thing down pact. What do I need to remember? Promote!

And guess who's a moderator on that Book Carousel Facebook group now?

Me! Pretty darn cool, I'll say!


Broken Promises came to be!

Beta Kristoff Dumanovsky has loved his alpha, Jeremiah Tolliver, for years, but Jeremiah wasn’t ready to move on from the love he still had for his dead wife. When tragedy struck, Kristoff blamed his focus and left not only the Iroquois Pack but Jeremiah as well.

When Stefan Mukhankin, an enemy from Kristoff’s past threatens his safety, Jeremiah uses this as a reason to try and bring Kristoff home. It won’t be an easy battle.

Kristoff’s survived before and feels he’ll survive again. He was trained to elude the enemy even if it’s the man he loves, so Jeremiah is in for the fight of their lives.

Can an alpha help his mate believe their bond is true, or will his mate find yet another place to run?

Click here for more!


Sadly, I didn't win the competition. It could have been that odd twist at the end. Let me see if I can find it for you. It's a weird one, so be ready.

Lover Mine

Narin would find his mate, and then he’d rip Maltor’s dicks off and feed them to a palartka chick. First, Narin had to drag his brain from the sludge it traveled as his own lover had drugged him and was off somewhere on planet Kalgarti playing hero.

Slamming open the shuttle door, he pushed his body forward, using all four arms in a task that normally required two. His ass still ached from Maltor’s ardent claiming, the joy of having all of his mate deep inside still warming Narin’s traitorous heart.

Had he known what the idiot planned, would he have given Maltor his body and soul?

Of course.

Taking a shallow breath to conserve the air necessary to live, he leapt from the platform to soar and search.

Maltor felt no guilt as he lay prone, accepting his fate. He’d die here where he and Narin slept after making promises Maltor knew he couldn’t fulfill, but it would be with the knowledge that his mate and offspring were safe. The palitma he’d used was enough to cause sleep and not harm.

How was Maltor to know the Galdakian chosen to protect him as he led the migration to another planet, one thought to be safe and habitable, would be his mate? Or that the air on Kalgarti would leak poisons that were killing them and would force them to rely on the waning supply in the shuttle.

His cocks filled with the thought of what they’d shared while his heart wept with what he was leaving behind.

But he’d been forced to decide.

Narin could now birth their son and live free with enough air to take him to safety.

Maltor smiled and welcomed the darkness.

Familiar lips awakened Maltor along with blessed fresh air.

“Lover, mine. Welcome home.”


I'm currently working on Trillian and Lindh's story. More of that to come once I decide which part to share.


On the home front, the little girl is doing well in school. The boy is going to a Homecoming dance. Excuse me while I blubber happily.

That's it for me, people. I hope all is well.

Hold your loved ones close.



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