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Memory Lane 7.6.18 - Stumbling in the Dark, Buy a Case, and It's Okay to Get Help.

Working on making my own images in an effort to not become penniless. Thank you for understanding.

Well, that's what I was doing in July of 2018. I really wish I'd known about Wix because images and the thought of being sued for using them was a huge worry for me right then. Occasional Facebook/Instagram post? No big deal. Actually using images from Pinterest on my blog? Big nope. I had to revamp the entire thing which decreased the fun.

And now? Wix! They have their own images which has made this experience so much better.

My release then?

Stumbling in the Dark

Summer fun. Summer sun. What’s a knife thrower to do when the lion tamer he wants doesn’t want him? Well, go out and get his groove thing on, of course. Unless…that lion tamer turns out to be his mate. Then the fireworks will really start.

The circus is a place for the unusual, a sanctuary for the wanderer. For the circus knife thrower Jake Gallinari, it was the place he stumbled to as a child. He arrived broken in spirit and body, hungering for affection. He found love, acceptance, and a family to call his own.

Blaine Leander needed a sanctuary as well. The lion tamer had no idea that he would one day see his mate in the circus, no less. For seven years he’s watched Jake grow into a man, afraid to take the step to make Jake his own.

It’s summer, and with the bright sun and the blue sky, these two men have a chance for life to change.

Just what will it take to make that happen?


Here and Now

My most recent release is Flirty and Red.

Gentry Red Redmond gave up on finding a mate. It turns out the one he needed just didn’t come in the package he was used to hunting.

Sebastian Del Marco, a traveling nurse, wants to be loved, but he’s afraid to trust. Instead of relationships, he’s been willing to accept just having fun.

Once Red realizes Sebastian is just the mate he needs, can he convince Sebastian to take a chance on love?

It's the start of a new series. I'll think you'll like it. GIve it a shot.


In other news, I dropped my laptop recently at my son's basketball game. I thought it was fine, but the screws came out later that week. Then it was basically crumbling whenever I moved it. It's not even that old, but that extra warranty I paid for did nothing.

I took it to a company that says they fix these things, but it turns out they only fix phones well. Computers, not so much. I ended up taking it to an expert who works with Lenovos. TechRestore.

They did a great job, and now I'm back in business.

I learned my lesson and am on the hunt for a proper computer cover. After looking, I decided to go with my favorite one I use for all of my other devices but failed to remember this one.

So I ordered another one from Amazon. I have it for my Kindle and my work laptop. Why on earth did I not get one for my personal laptop?

If you're wondering if this one might work for you, here's the link.

It covers well and closes. No pocket if you need one, but it's been my favorite so far.


School's out for the kiddos. I'm not out yet, but they are. This year ended sadly with the innocent loss of lives in Texas. Having worked in education so long, one of my biggest fears is the occurrence of school shootings, not just for me but for my own family. My heart goes out to these families and their loved ones. Something needs to change. Please. As a counselor, I will continue to be there for my students, peers, and especially for my little ones.

Life can be terrifying, and your mental health is crucial to survival. Are you taking care of you? Are you getting the help you need? A good friend taught me about candle lighting which I've begun using. It's helping. I also have a therapist I seek out when my anxiety is overwhelming.

Please remember that with the terrible things happening in this world, don't struggle alone. Find help. It's too easy for waves of depression and anxiety to crash over you. Reach out and let a hand help you. If you don't have anyone, please use the link below for help:

It's a depression hotline with links that will answer your specific needs.

I'm not saying you can't do this alone. I'm saying why should you when there's someone out there who can help?

It's okay not to be okay, and it's okay to grab a hand when you need one.



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