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Memory Lane 11.25.18 - Extasy Books Editor's Choice

Still adding my blogs to the new spot here and came across this one! I was writing yesterday and got a lot accomplished. I'm thinking this will inspire me and others to keep writing!

Here we go!

I was cruising through Facebook looking for something to make me laugh, deciding which pretty picture to put up next, and responding to my friends when I finally noticed I was tagged. I'm terrible at that. First, I try very hard not to tag because I was burned once. A while ago, someone sent a message by someone else to tell me not to tag big named writers, that it was name-dropping, and as I didn't know the people who others knew personally, I should not. It was a "friendly" message that totally freaked me out. So, yeah, no tagging.

Then, when I do get tagged, it takes me a day or three to notice it, like there's this extra step to social media I sometimes forget about. There are so many different rules to social media. Anywho, let's save that for another day.

About the whole reason I started this, here's what I was tagged with!

This week's Editor's Choice comes in the shape of The Guardian's Prize by Deja Black

"A dragon in denial, an impatient guardian of Neptune, and a mating lust that can't be denied...what's not to love about this story? Join the adventure in this second book in the Men of Neptune series by Deja Black. I know you will enjoy it like I did." ~ Editor

What’s a merman to do when his mate doesn’t seem to want him? Go after him anyway? Life for this guardian will never be the same.

Tetra Batair, grandson of Neptune himself and guardian of the god’s military forces, has arrive in Charleston, South Carolina for his mate. The only problem? His mate doesn’t want him. Now what’s a merman to do?

Aoki Tatsuo, an art teacher who’s half dragon and half human, doesn’t want to be anyone’s mate. Or, at least that’s what he’s telling himself.

When the two first meet the earth trembles…literally.

A merman and a dragon.

One will have to learn patience.

The other will have to learn there’s more than one way to love.

Can the two of them work through the obstacles in their past to find their perfect future?


Is that not the coolest thing? I was blown away.

I mean there are so many times when I doubt myself as a writer. There are times when I fall into the trap of comparing myself to other writers.

"I don't write like she/he does."

"Why can't I describe things like she does?"

"Do my sentences flow like that one did?"

And you know what? They shouldn't because people are different, and my books will be, too. I have a problem remembering that sometimes, that I can write and people enjoy my stories. That age-old expression about you being your worst enemy is so true.

What I've realized is I'm not alone in my self-doubt. I found a great article for you to check out, and for those who'd enjoy a video on the subject, there's one there, too.

How To Deal With Self-Doubt As A Writer

March 7, 2018 by Joanna Penn

Bounce over there and check Joanna Penn out. She has a lot to say that's definitely worth hearing. Use those tips. Grow.

So, what am I doing? I'm writing.

And if you're a writer, you should be, too.

Oh, and if you aren't a writer, but you have a dream, don't stop.




Then and Now

As writers, it's hard for us to follow our own advice. To this day, I am still struggling with some things, just not as much. It helps to have friends who remind you to focus on yourself and your writing rather than others.

And then there's this:

Your Writing Style, According to Your Astrological Sign

by Lisa Stardust

I found this article about how writers' writing styles reflect their zodiac signs. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but it had me thinking. I'm going to continue to make sure I'm doing the proper research when I write. Take a look. Hope it doesn't freak you out. It's definitely interesting.


In Other News

School's going well. Both kids are happy and are off to a great start. If you remember, the younger one is a struggling learner. She's feeling pretty confident, so that is awesome for all of us here. The older one is coming in his own as a track star. Proud of them both.

As for me, we have a new group of students to love and help grow. They're a little different, but that's why I'm here. I'm their counselor. We're going to make it happen.



I'm working on the next book in the merman series Men of Neptune. The books in that series so far?

Well, here's ...

A broken soldier, a siren, and a pastor. Sounds like an intro to a bad joke, but it’s the Christmas story of how a siren’s song can heal.

Graham is a broken soldier in body and soul. With no place to go, he moves to the coast to live with the only relative who loves him. Lost and without hope, Graham is not sure how he can get his life back. That is until he hears the song of the most gorgeous man he has ever seen.

Kamau is a siren who lives part of his life with his siren mother the other part with his human father. Dutiful son to mother and father but never true to himself. That is until Graham walks into the church and Kamau realizes he has found his mate.

Jonah Anderson is the pastor who relies on his son’s gift to grow his church. All is going well for him and the church. That is until he sees the way Kamau looks at Graham.

At a time when Christmas presents are given for the holiday, will Graham and Kamau receive the gift they’ve dreamed of for a lifetime? Each other.


This was the beauty mentioned above.

The next book in the series is about Trillian, Batair and Kamau's younger brother. He's not looking for a mate. Doesn't mean he doesn't find one, though. These are my guys.



I've done some really great writing over the weekend. When school started for me this year, I just had no time. So, I'm back in and should hopefully be finished with their story soon!

Love to you all,


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