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Deja Black

Telling My Guys' Stories One Book at a Time



Meet my guys. I am helping them share their stories one book at a time. They can be twisted, always hot, and sometimes a little dark, but they all end with love.

Come join them on their adventures to a happily ever after.



New Release

Life's Greatest Masterpiece

A Guardian protecting his heart. A merman with hopes of becoming an artist. Will their love become life’s greatest masterpiece?

Long ago, Lindh lost his wife to a fellow Guardian. Taking vengeance into his own hands, he was betrayed by his Guardian brothers. He left, taking his twin children to live on the surface world.


Trillian, a grandson of Neptune, has received permission to stay on land for one year to learn the skills he always dreamed of as an artist.


Neither man expected to find each other.


Neither expected to find love—life’s greatest masterpiece.

LifesGreatestMasterpiece6x9 (1).jpg

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Broken Dreams Cover.jpg

Darren was the most likable character for me. I just felt that connection with him from the beginning and could understand his insecurities and his fears about his role as the Coimeádaí of a Sandman. He was great though with both men and he seemed much more sincere. It was easy to see why he had a connection to each of the other men and why they needed him.

Broken Dreams

Jaymie from Bayou Book Junkie

The Guardian's Prize.jpg

 A great read, characters and good free flowing dialogue with an interesting concept. Looking forward to more from this author and from this series.

The Guardian's Prize

Caroline Wilson


A rollercoaster of emotion, had me crying a few times in so few pages and such wonderful world building and exploration of characters. I've read books in the 2-300 pages length that haven't given me the emotion that this 26 page story did.

They Called Him Nightmare

Elaine White

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January 25th 2022, Jessie's Garage on Facebook, Author Takeover, 8PM - 8:30 PM EST

While this event has ended, you can still drop by and see comments and posts. 

I'd love to hear from you. 

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Publisher Plug

I'm an Extasy Books author. Loyal and true. You see, not everyone accepts the types of stories I write. I have a bit of a twisted sort of thinking that lends itself to the darkside, but there's always love in the end. 

Extasy accepts me.

They accept the spins and swirls.

My guys are home. 

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